Captain Mike’s Mission

Mission Statement

My mission is to share my passion of fishing with anyone who wants to learn how to fish the Treasure Coast. I am not the best fisherman in the area but I love to go fishing with my wife and writing about our trip. Tania and I have been fishing on the Treasure Coast for about 5 years now. Some days we have good trips and catch lots of fish, while other days are tough and we don’t catch much. I tell Tania it is those rough days of fishing that help us appreciate the good days!

If you fish the Treasure Coast and are interested in joining us on our adventure you have come to the right spot. I will provide the details of our trip, as far as where we fished, what we caught, and the conditions. I pray this blog is not only entertaining but is also educational for those of you learning.

I also like to write about how I prepare my fish, wether I smoke it, grill it, or make a seafood chowder with it. I also write about my Jalapeño plants and how I prepare them. I have made homemade Jalapeño salt and I jar them up when I get enough.

I hope all who find their way to my site enjoy what they read!

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