Memories of a Great Day Fishing

Tania and I did not make it out this weekend. Unfortunately, I had to work this weekend. Since we were unable to go fishing, I thought I would share one of our more memorable trips with our friend Gil.  

On November 23, 2019, Tania and I took our friend Gil on the boat with us. Wie had several cold fronts come through and the water temp was around 67 degrees, so I was shooting to catch some sheepshead.

Even though we did catch some sheepshead, they were not thick in the river, at least not where we were fishing. With that being said we ended the day with two Redfish (27in and 19in), three Black Drum (24in, 15in, and 14 ½in), three Spotted Seatrout (15 ½ in, 16in, 17in), two Sheepshead (12in and 13in), and two Mangrove Snapper (both 10 ½ in).

We also caught two short snook, about 20 jacks, 10 short Mutton Snapper, a Ladyfish, a bunch of Pin fish, and a stingray. We also lost a few nice fish which we never saw what they were. You know the ones that got away!!

Being that it had been three weeks since we were on the boat we were blessed with an awesome day. We even got to see several dolphins and two sea turtles.

I pray everyone who did make it out this past weekend had a safe and blessed trip and those planning on going out this week have tight lines!

P.S. Tania wanted to make sure everyone knew she caught the biggest fish, the 27in Redfish!


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  1. Anonymous

    You need another day like that.


    1. mschulzefishing

      Yes we doing!


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