Sheepshead Fishing With Tania!

With this morning’s weather being 47 degrees, it reminded me of a sheepshead trip Tania and I took last year. We went out searching for Sheepshead and we came home with three.

In January, Tania and I made it out fishing. We woke up early and boy was it cold. The temperature was 48 degrees when we headed to the docks. We arrived at the dock at 7am and had wet lines by 7:15am.

We started by drifting the channel just south of South Causeway Bridge. With an incoming tide and a north wind, we were drifting too fast, so we decided to search the channel markers for some Sheepshead.

The first marker we went to produced a few short Sheepsheads and a few short Lane Snapper. We moved on to another marker further south. The first fish at this spot was a decent size Sheepshead. We continued to fish this spot another hour. During this time, we caught about 15 Jack Crevalle, a few short Lane Snapper, and 8 Sheepsheads, which three were legal.

The bite seemed to die off, so we moved to another spot. At this spot we didn’t even get a bite, so we moved to another spot. At our last spot we once again didn’t get a bite. At this point the wind changed directions and picked up.

The forecast showed the winds increasing to 15kts, so Tania and I decided to call it a day. We made it back to the dock about 10:30am. It was a short day on the water, but we came home with supper. All in all, it was a great day at the fish market.

Tania and I pray for all who go out this week. We pray you have the blessing of protection and of a bountiful catch. Tight lines my friends!


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