Cobia out of Fort Pierce Inlet

My buddy, Captain Ed, and his two friends had a great day fishing on Monday. They had a beautiful day on the water and caught lots of fish. Since I had to work, and Ed is living the retired life I thought I would share his fishing report instead of a memory of one of my reports. I hope you enjoy Captain Ed’s fishing tale!

It was a beautiful sunny morning when we headed out of Ft Pierce inlet.  The temp was 65 degrees, winds were 5-10 knots out of the NNW.  We headed out of the inlet to my spot which is NE of the inlet in 80 ft of water.  

We made a drift so I could determine the effect of the current and winds.  Once we determined the effects, we repositioned and set the anchor. Little did I know this would be the only spot we would need to fish on this day.

We started fishing with squid and sardines. We immediately started catching lanes, sand perch, and grunts. At that time, we swapped over to a mixture of squid and cut bait.  

The bite was steady all day.  Mostly lanes. Sharks were a constant issue.  They would chase every fish right up to the boat.  The rule of the day was to land fish as quickly as possible.  After about an hour Bruce hooked into something big.  A few minutes later we had a 33-inch cobia on the boat. Hated to throw it back but that’s what you have to do.  

I started fishing a vertical jig which produced 5 trigger fish, two were keepers.  I was also fishing a bottom rig with cut bait. All of a sudden, my rod bent double.  Fish was so strong I could barely get the rod out of the holder. Thought it was a shark but after a 5-minute battle we landed the biggest cobia I’ve ever seen. 

Bite continued all day. We caught Almaco Jacks, Lane Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Trigger Fish, another short Cobia, and tons of trash fish.  We fished until we were tired.  Headed home around 1:00pm. This was truly an awesome day on the water. 

I hope you all enjoyed Captain Ed’s fishing report. Tania and I pray all who head out this week stay safe. The weather is taking a turn for the worse over the weekend so get out while you can! We bid you all tight lines and good times!


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