First Snook!

With the forecasted winds being 20-25kts on Saturday and not having to go into work early I decided to go fishing for a few hours with my buddy Chris. We invited Don but he could not join us. Both Chris and I arrived at the dock at 6:30am. We loaded up and then stopped at the Fort Pierce Marina for some shrimp, as all the other local shops were out.

As we headed to the first spot, Chris mentioned he had never caught a Snook and was looking forward to possibly catching one today. We were targeting Snook and Sheepshead today. Knowing Chris had never caught a Snook before, I felt a little pressure to make it happen today. I wanted to make Captain Briggs proud that I was a quick learner.

We got to our first spot about 7:00am. High tide was ab out 6:30am so we didn’t have long before the current shifted on us. The bite was a bit slow this morning, but within 10 minutes Chris caught the first fish. He landed a short Sheepshead. A little while later Chris, landed his first Snook! He was happy to have finally caught one. Unfortunately, the Snook was only 24inches, so we had to release him. We fished the waste treatment wall until 8:00am, which was when the current shifted on us. In this spot Chris caught two Sheepshead and one Snook, while I didn’t catch anything.

With the current conditions of a SW wind and outgoing tide, I decided we would drift north to South Causeway bridge. The drift was slow. Chris had a few bites and caught a short Mutton Snapper. I had one bite and caught a catfish.

Once we finished the drift, I decided we would head to the Smithsonian Dock. About halfway to the dock I noticed there was already a boat fishing there, so we continued past and headed to Thumb Point. We did one drift at Thumb point, and it was slow. I was throwing a Slam Shady and Chris had a jig head with a shrimp. I got two hits and landed a baby Barracuda, while Chris only had a single bite.

It was about 9:30am when we finished our drift, so we started heading back to the dock. As we passed the docks just west of Thumb Point, I decided to see if we could catch anything there.  While we drifted, Chris caught a baby Jack Crevalle, other than that we didn’t have any other action.

We ended back at the dock about 9:50am. All in all, it was a fun quick trip. I was happy we caught the targeted species and got Chris his first Snook. We ended back at the dock with a 14inch Sheepshead.

Tania and I are planning on fishing fresh water tomorrow in order to stock PSL Gardens again and possibly going out on Sunday if the winds die down. We pray all who make it out this weekend have a safe and blessed trip. May you have tight lines and good times!


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  1. Christopher Klingler

    Thanks again Mike


    1. mschulzefishing

      My pleasure brother!


  2. gracefuladdict

    Your living the good life my friend! Good for you!!🙏❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mschulzefishing

      Trying to live the best life I can! Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Stephanie

    We read all your posts, hoping one weekend we will see you on the waters… we go out every Saturday. Keep them coming thanks Captain Mike


    1. mschulzefishing

      Thank you Stephanie! I am humbled you enjoy reading about our adventures. Where do you normally fish? Tania and I generally go out every Saturday


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