Fishing With Chris and Daniel!

Today was my day off so I took my friends Chris and Daniel fishing. We all arrived at the dock about 6:30am. The dockhands were on top of it today! We loaded the boat and were heading out by 6:45am.

We started off at the Fort Pierce Yacht yard. I was throwing the Moonwalker, Chris had a 1/4oz jig head tipped with shrimp, and Daniel was throwing a 1/4oz bucktail. Daniel was the first to have any action, unfortunately the fish spit the hook before we could see what it was. Chris was next to have a hit, but he just fed the fish.

At this point we ran out towards the inlet. We fished the middle day marker for about 30 minutes. At the day marker we all caught fish, Chris put two Mangrove Snapper into the cooler as well as catching several short ones. Daniel caught a Lane Snapper, and I landed a few short Mutton Snapper and two catfish. The rule I have is after the second catfish we move.

The next spot was the first cut out of the inlet. We fished along the shoreline by freelining a shrimp. We lost several fish here, but I believe they were snapper as the feel of the bite. We only fished here a short while before I decided to go to the inlet.

When we got to the inlet, we noticed the south side of the inlet was closed off and no one was fishing, so we decided to make a drift along the south inlet. About halfway through the first drift Daniel hooked up with a Ladyfish, which made a quick release at the boat.  

After our first drift, we made our way to the north side of the inlet and did a drift there. While we were fishing, I had to call into a work meeting. Unfortunately, work put a damper on the rest of our day. I had to get home and take care of a few issues that arose at work, as I was unable to handle them while on the boat.

We got back to the dock about 9:30am. This was a short but fun trip. We caught fish, saw a few sea turtles and got to have good conversation with good company. I was disappointed to not put Chris on more fish as this is the last trip for him before he heads back north!

Tania and I pray all who make it out this weekend have a safe and blessed trip. Tomorrow is the PSL Anglers kids’ tournament, so we will be there helping kids catch fish. May you all have tight lines and good times.


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