Memory Fishing With Tania!

This week the weather has been pretty poor for fishing on the Treasure Coast. It was windy with high seas. We were supposed to go out yesterday, but we canceled the boat due to 10-15kt winds and 3-5ft seas with occasional 6ft seas. Tania and I decided to just relax for the day and wait for better weather. The weekend doesn’t look favorable either, 10-15kt winds increasing to 15-20kt winds in the afternoon both Saturday and Sunday. Since I do not have a current fishing report, I wanted to share a fishing report from March 2021. I hope you all enjoy reading about our adventure!

March 14,2021 was the first time in 4 weeks Tania and I were able to go fishing. Between work and the weather, we just haven’t had a chance to make it out. We woke up to a beautiful morning. The winds were calm and it was nice and cool. The only down side to this morning was no one had any live shrimp so we had to start with frozen. We made it to the dock about 7:25am, loaded the boat, and headed out.

We started drifting the incoming tide at South Causeway Bridge. I was using my new GLoomis GXL paired with a Daiwa Saltist Back Bay 3000. We were jigging with banana jigs tipped with shrimp. On my first cast I caught a nice size ladyfish. We did two more drifts and only caught a catfish. At this point we went to one of our sheepshead holes; however, there was someone already fishing it so we tried fishing another channel marker for a bit.

After 20 minutes without a single bite, we decided to head to the inlet. While heading to the inlet Tania checked the webcam and said let’s try to fish the beach. It was pretty flat heading out of the inlet but the swells were about 4ft and Tania did not like it, so we just headed right back in and fished the day maker. We ended up catching several fish here. Within an hour we caught 9 sheepsheads, a short mutton snapper, and an oyster cracker. One of the sheepshead had a bite taken out of it while I was reeling it in. I am just glad I did not lose my supper.

At this point we ended up running out of bait, but we were not ready to head in. I called Little Jims and they had shrimp, so we made a run to get some bait and food. We ended up getting 3 dozen shrimp, and two orders of hotdogs and chips for lunch.

 After lunch we decided to head to a dock we used to catch lots of fish at. While we were heading under South Causeway Bridge, the water cleared up a bit so we tried one more attempt at drifting. About 10 minutes into the drift I hooked up with a nice size sheepshead. I was hopeful we would catch a few more while drifting. Unfortunately, we did not get another bite. Our next spot was not hot either, but Tania did catch a short sheepshead. After 30 minutes with only a few bites and the short sheepshead, Tania and I moved to one of our friend’s secret spot. It was so secret even the fish didn’t know where it was. We spent 30 minutes here without a bite.

With the lack of action, Tania was ready to go in; however, we were near Thumb Point, so I asked if I could do a drift to try for trout. Tania agreed, but she was done fishing herself. I started off throwing a 5in Slam Shady Bomber and about halfway through the drift I hooked up with a decent size trout. Catching the trout reinvigorated Tania to fish, so I handed her my rod as I tied a jig head on her rod.  I put a 3in slam shady on Tania’s rod, so we weren’t both throwing the same bait. We finished up the drift with a few more hits but did not catch anything else. Tania told me we could do one more drift in hope for another trout to take home. We started the drift off and on the first cast Tania got a nice hit and it cut her slam shady off right behind the hook. I put on another slam shady and we continued to work the shore line. Once again we both had a few bites but nothing committed.

Since it was near 2pm, we called it a day and headed back to the dock. While we were walking over to the cleaning table, we saw about 15 small tarpon and a decent size Barracuda hanging under the one dock. Tania always loves seeing everything in nature and was happy to be able to take pictures of the tarpon and barracuda.

All in all, today was a hard day of fishing. We had to work for the fish we got on the boat, but we did come home with some dinner. Tania and I pray all who make it out this weekend have a blessed and safe trip. May you have tight lines and good times!

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