A Slow Day of Fishing, But a Great Day of Fellowship!

On Friday, I had a few hours before Tania got off work. I called up my buddy Don and asked if he wanted to go fishing. He was all in, but I had to wait until he finished what he was doing. While I waited for him, I ran and picked up a few dozen shiners.

Don picked me up, and we went to explore a spillway we had never been to. When we got there, we realized the spillway was only a foot deep, and there were no fish in it. We tried above the spillway for a bit, but we didn’t have any luck. We saw some cichlids but no bass, so we went to the spillway I know holds snook.

We got to the second spot, and it was a slow day. The gar kept taking our bait, but they are hard to hook with a circle hook, and to be honest, we were not wanting to catch any. I was hoping for a decent bass or possibly a snook.

 We fished this spot for 45 minutes before I caught the first fish. I landed a largemouth sleeper fish, and shortly after, I landed a short snook. Unfortunately, Don did not catch anything; however, he was fishing with artificial baits, so it makes sense. The fish weren’t even hungry for live bait.

At this point, Don suggested we go to the C-23 canal spillway. When we got there, we only had about 20 minutes to fish, as I had to get home to take Tania to an appointment. In the short time we were there, Don had something hit his bait right at the rocks, and I caught a small snook.

Even though it was a slow day fishing, both Don and I had a great afternoon of fellowship. All in all, we had a good time. Tania and I pray all who made it out this weekend had a blessed and safe trip. May all who go out this week have tight lines and good times.

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