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  • Mid-Week Fishing Trip

    Mid-Week Fishing Trip

    On Wednesday I looked at the marine forecast as well as checked Windy, and the weather for Thursday looked good. Since this was the only day that looked decent until next week, I took the morning off and went fishing. Since it was last minute, I wasn’t able to get anyone to go with me,…

  • Fishing With Family!

    Fishing With Family!

    I am starting to go through withdrawals as I haven’t been fishing since last Friday. Between foul weather and work fishing just hasn’t been in the cards for me. With that being said here is one of our fishing trips from last year when my cousin and her family came to visit Tania and I.…

  • Savanna Park Fort Pierce!

    Savanna Park Fort Pierce!

    With the winds today, a small craft advisory was put into place and the boat club canceled all reservations. I was bummed as I was hoping to go fishing with Tania today. I was looking forward to searching for some sheepshead. Tania and I are our dog sitting for our friends Chris and Tracy, so…

  • Fishing With Perry!

    Fishing With Perry!

    Today I took my buddy Perry fishing. We arrived at the dock about 6:30am. It was still dark and a bit chilly, but we were both happy to be heading out. We loaded the boat and set out about 6:45am, just as the sun was cresting the horizon. Before we left the dock, I wanted…

  • Black Drum With Gil!

    Black Drum With Gil!

    My buddy Gil took a few of his buddies, Bob and George, fishing on Saturday. It’s been a while since Gil was able to go fishing, so he was excited to just be on the water. Gil and I talked on Friday to discuss our game plans and he told me he planned on going…

  • Fishing With Tania

    Fishing With Tania

    On Friday night Tania told me due to the marine forecast being 10-15kt winds and a moderate chop on the intracoastal she didn’t want to go on the boat. With her anxiety I didn’t want to push it, so we canceled the boat. We got up Saturday morning just planning on spending time together, as…

  • Pompano Fishing

    Pompano Fishing

    Work has been keeping me very busy this week, which means I haven’t been able to fish since Sunday’s trip. As I was scrolling through my memories on Facebook, I came across a good day Tania, and I had on the beach catching pompano. On October 23, 2021, Tania and I went surf fishing again!…

  • Fish Story of a Lifetime!

    Fish Story of a Lifetime!

    In October of last year, I had one of my fishing reports go viral. I had a mix of comments, good and bad. Since I have not been fishing since my last report, I thought I would share the story and see what you all think. Today Tania and I sat at Blue Heron beach…

  • Quick Sunday Trip

    Quick Sunday Trip

    Today, Tania had a baby shower in Jenson. She doesn’t like to drive here in Florida, so she asked me to take her. She pointed out the baby shower was close to the Jenson Beach Causeway, so I could bring a rod or two and go fishing for the few hours as she was at…

  • Windy Day Fishing

    Windy Day Fishing

    Took a quick solo trip today even though conditions weren’t good. I caught fish however nothing to bring home. All things consider it was a good day on the water today!