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  • Weekend Plan!

    Weekend Plan!

    Tania and I have been hoping to get offshore for a bit now; however, the weather and several other factors have prevented us from getting there. Early in the week it looked promising, but the marine forecast changed for the worse with 10-15kt NE winds and 3-5ft seas with the occasional 6ft sea.  With the…

  • Jack Crevalle Fish Dip

    Jack Crevalle Fish Dip

    I have been told Jack Crevalle makes a good fish dip, so I decided to keep one and try it out. When I caught a decent size Jack, about 20 inches, I bleed it out and then put it in an ice slurry. I filleted it up and cut out the blood line and brought…

  • Sheepshead Chowder

    Sheepshead Chowder

    With Sheepshead starting to be caught in southeast Florida I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes, Sheepshead Chowder. Sheepshead Chowder If you make this, please let me know how you like it. If you made any changes let me know what you did and how you feel it worked.

  • Reel Blessed Family Fish Camp

    Reel Blessed Family Fish Camp

    Reel Blessed Chapter of Fishing’s Future held our 8th and final event of 2022. Tania and I arrived at 7:30am, as usual, and began setting up. With the help of our volunteers, we were set up by 8:30am, just as the families started to arrive. It was a little chilly when the event started; however, it…

  • Morning Fishing with a Friend

    Morning Fishing with a Friend

    On October 21, 2022, I took Pastor Will fishing. The weather forecast was questionable, but the boat I had was equipped with a trolling motor and spot lock, so I said send it. I arrived at the dock about 7am with Pastor Will arriving at 7:30am.  While I waited for the dock hand to get…

  • Permit at the Boils!

    My buddy Capt. Ed Barret took two of his neighbors out on October 18, 2022. He told me it was a beautiful morning with a light west wind and a swell of 2-3ft. He ran down to the Boils in hopes of catching some permit.  It didn’t take long for the action to begin. He…

  • Blackened Pompano

    Blackened Pompano

      Whenever we have guests, I enjoy cooking them fish. Since Tracy and Sandy like fish, I decided to cook up some blackened Pompano paired with coconut rice and peas.  I started off by making the blackened seasoning, compliments of Captain Paul Sperco’s wife, with a twist of my own. I like some heat to…

  • Blue Heron Beach with Family and Friends

    Blue Heron Beach with Family and Friends

    This weekend Tania and I had guest staying with us, one of Tania’s childhood friend, and her mother. With the forecasted weather on Saturday, we decided to cancel the boat and just take then around town and hang out. We woke up this morning and checked the weather and decided it would be a good…

  • Home made Jalapeño Salt

    Home made Jalapeño Salt

    I harvested about 15 jalapeño peppers from my plants yesterday and decided to make me some fresh Jalapeño salt. I chopped up the peppers and dehydrated them for about 6 hours. I then blended the dried peppers into a powered. I then proceeded to add 1/2 cup course kosher salt and 1/2 cup course Himalayan…

  • Surf Fishing with Family and Friends

    Surf Fishing with Family and Friends

    On October 9, 2022, Tania and I took her friend Koran and her daughter to the beach. The water was beautiful, and the finger mullet was thick. My buddy Michael sent me a picture showing me the six pompano he took home, so we decided to go surf fishing today.  We arrived at Blue Heron…