Weekend Plan!

Tania and I have been hoping to get offshore for a bit now; however, the weather and several other factors have prevented us from getting there. Early in the week it looked promising, but the marine forecast changed for the worse with 10-15kt NE winds and 3-5ft seas with the occasional 6ft sea. 

With the winds and high seas, we decided to stay in the river and try our luck. I am planning on starting over by the Fort Pierce Yacht yard. Last week we caught a bunch of fish there, so I thought it would be a good place to start. 

I have also picked several spots to go, which will protect us from the wind as the day progresses. The second spot we will fish will be Wildcat Cover. I have never fished back there, but the satellite imagery makes it looks promising. And lastly as we head back to the marina, we will check out the area just south of South Causeway Bridge. It’s the time of year when the pompano are in the river. 

With the weather forecast it looks like it will be a rough day fishing, however it is fishable, so we are going. Look for my full report on Monday. 


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  1. Anonymous

    Good luck, we are doing something simliar.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mschulzefishing

      Thank you. Tight lines to you also!


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