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  • A Throwback to Darryl’s First Permit!

    A Throwback to Darryl’s First Permit!

    Fishing has been slow for me this past week. I do not have a current fishing report, so I thought I would share the time I was able to put my buddy Darryl on his first Permit. I hope you all enjoy our adventure! On July 25,2022, I had a great day on the water…

  • Showing Off Her Fishing Skills!

    Showing Off Her Fishing Skills!

    It’s been a busy week for me at work and Tania has been sick all week, so we were unable to get out fishing. Since I do not have a current fishing report, I thought I would share one of our trips from last year where Tania showed her skills as a great fisher woman.…

  • Great Memories Fishing With Tania!

    Great Memories Fishing With Tania!

    The weather was bad all weekend with high winds 20-25kts, and rain and wind on Sunday, Tania and I did not go fishing. I thought I would share a memory of a trip me made last year in February. On February 6, 2021, Tania and I made it out on the boat. With all the…

  • Great day With Friends!

    Great day With Friends!

    Last January I had a great day fishing with my friends Gil and Ed. Since Tania was working, we made it a guy’s day. When I go fishing without Tania, I feel guilty as I know how much she loves fishing; however, she told me to go with my friends. I hope you all enjoy…

  • Flash Back of Reel Blessed Event

    Flash Back of Reel Blessed Event

    With the foul weather we had this weekend, Reel Blessed had to postpone our first event in 2 years. This weekend we had a surf fishing event planned. Tania and I were excited to show families one of our favorite types of fishing. Unfortunately, this will have to wait until next month. Since we were…

  • Putting Darryl on a Permit!

    Putting Darryl on a Permit!

    I was called by the boat club yesterday to cancel my reservation today due to the small craft advisory. Looking at the weather I probably would have canceled anyways with rain coming from 9:00am to 1:00pm, the cold temperature, 52 degrees, and the high winds 15-20kts. The weather tomorrow looks much worse with 20-25kt wind…

  • Pompano on Blue Heron Beach!

    Pompano on Blue Heron Beach!

    On Friday Tania suggested we take Darryl surf fishing on New Year’s Eve. This way we could fish, and the girls could enjoy the sun and beach. Darryl was all in and he helped me pack the car and get ready. Tania, Darryl, and I got up early and arrived at Blue Heron Beach around…

  • Fishing With Family and Friends!

    Fishing With Family and Friends!

    On Wednesday, Tania asked to go fishing at Indian Riverside Park. I talked with Darryl and his family, and we all decided it was a good day. The weather looked nice, light wind and the temperature was in the 70s. I was hoping to catch some sheepshead, so I called Castaway Bait and Tackle to…

  • Cold Day Fishing With Darryl

    Cold Day Fishing With Darryl

    A cold day fishing with my buddy Darryl.

  • Mid-Week Fishing Trip

    Mid-Week Fishing Trip

    On Wednesday I looked at the marine forecast as well as checked Windy, and the weather for Thursday looked good. Since this was the only day that looked decent until next week, I took the morning off and went fishing. Since it was last minute, I wasn’t able to get anyone to go with me,…