More fun With a Friend!

Since I didn’t get out fishing this weekend, I thought I share one of my most memorable fishing experiences. To set the stage, Last year on October 17th I ended up on the beach in the evening to go surf fishing. It was a beautiful evening, and I had no idea I would catch a trophy fish. 

Yesterday evening Tania had a girl’s night out with some friends. I took this time to try and catch more pompano. I arrived at Blue Heron beach about 4pm. I was the only car in the parking lot so I figured the bite must be non-existent; however, I was there so I loaded up my cart and headed to the water.

I set up my gear and had wet lines by 4:20pm. The water was a little rough due to the wind, but it looked fishable. By 4:30pm I had lost 3 fish, two to sharks. As I was sitting on my cooler getting another rig set up between texting my buddy Darryl complaining about getting sharked, my one rod and reel jumped out of the rod holder and headed toward the water. I dropped everything I had and ran after it. 

I am a big man and do not run often, but when motived I can move pretty quick, just asking anyone who has seen me chase something down. I sprinted about 30 yards, and I watched my rod and reel disappear under the murky surf water. I was close enough, so I dove headfirst and luckily was able to feel my rod and pull it up. When I came up out of the water I was in waste deep water and my reel was screaming. 

I walked back out of the water as I was fighting whatever was on the other end of my line. I must admit after exerting all the energy saving my rod I was out of breath, and I wanted this fight over quickly. You should have seen the smile on my face when I saw the fish in the surf! I knew right there it was a permit. Tania and I have been wanting to catch one for a while now. 

Once I got the fish safely on shore, I sat down and looked around. I was disappointed I did not have anyone to share this experience with. It was at this time I noticed my rod holder had broken and that is why my rod went flying to the water. Since Tania was out with her friends, I didn’t want to bother her, so I facetimed my good friend Darryl. I could barely talk due to being out of breath, but I was able to get through the story and I showed him the fish. After talking with my friend, I took a picture of the fish and texted it to Tania. Since Tania responded to me, I called her. She was happy I caught the fish but was mad at me as she wants to catch one!

About 6:30pm I decided to call it a night. I packed up and headed to the car. I ended up with a 22in permit and a 14in pompano. I feel it was a good night, but to be honest I do not like fishing by myself, as I really enjoy sharing the experience with others. 

Since that day I have not gone fishing alone. I find it much more pleasurable to share the experience with others. I pray everyone has a blessed week this week and stays safe during the upcoming storm! Hopefully next weekend Tania and I can get out and shore our experience with you all!


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