Fishing With Family!

I am starting to go through withdrawals as I haven’t been fishing since last Friday. Between foul weather and work fishing just hasn’t been in the cards for me. With that being said here is one of our fishing trips from last year when my cousin and her family came to visit Tania and I.

 On May 29, 2021, Tania and I took our family out on the boat. The weather forecast was decent for the morning but was going to deteriorate by the afternoon, so we decide to hit the dock early. We got to the dock at 630am, loaded the boat and headed to our first spot.

Since our family has never fished in Florida before, I was feeling the pressure of putting them on some fish. I decided to go to one of our go-to spots; however, it has been months since we have fished here. My cousin’s husband Paul caught two stingrays, but nothing else was biting. I repositioned a few times in the area looking for fish, but I was unable to find them. After an hour fishing the area with very few bites I decided to move.

We moved over to the Ft Pierce Turn Basin in hopes of catching some fish. We haven’t fished the turn basin in over a year, but I thought we would give it a try. There were lots of bait along the shore, so I was hopeful we would catch something here. Once again, I was wrong. I was really starting to feel the pressure to put our family on fish. After half an hour without a bite, Tania suggested we move to one of the channel markers in the inlet.

As always, Tania was right. We anchored up on one of our favorite channel markers and within a short time the fish started cooperating. Other than my cousin Marlena, who wasn’t fishing, we all caught some fish. It wasn’t the best day fishing, but I was relieved to have Abby and Maddie, my cousin’s daughters, catch a few fish.

About 11:30am we ran out of bait, so I decided to take them all to one of the spoil islands we call Gilligan’s Island. It’s a small island nestled in a protected cove of a larger island with a tree swing. Being it was a holiday weekend; I was pretty sure it would have other boaters on the island but thought they would like to see it. I was right, as there was another boat already there. We didn’t get the full experience, but they enjoyed the boat ride and seeing the area we live in.

We ended up back at the dock around 1pm with 3 fish in the cooler. We had one 10in Lane Snapper, one 11in Mangrove Snapper and one 12in Mangrove Snapper. Once again, we didn’t have a great day fishing, but we are blessed to have fish in the cooler for supper.

I ended up making fish tacos for supper. Since Tania doesn’t eat fish, she made a buffalo chicken dip which I turned into buffalo chicken egg rolls. Our family was pleased with the meal!! They were excited to have actually caught the fish and make it the same day. They have never done anything like that before.

All in all, it was a great day on the water. I wish the fishing would have been better, but great memories were made with our family! I pray all who make it out this weekend have a blessed trip and tight lines. Until next trip, be blessed!


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