Savanna Park Fort Pierce!

With the winds today, a small craft advisory was put into place and the boat club canceled all reservations. I was bummed as I was hoping to go fishing with Tania today. I was looking forward to searching for some sheepshead.

Tania and I are our dog sitting for our friends Chris and Tracy, so we decided to take a walk at the Savanna Park in Fort Pierce and see what we could see. While we were walking with Booverly, it reminded me of a similar walk earlier this year with our friends Don, Beth, and their daughter Noelle.

On March 13th we did this same walk; however, I took a few fishing poles and some worms from our worm farm. We ended up spending over two hours walking, fishing and just enjoying the view and the company. I caught a small largemouth bass, and I helped our friend’s daughter catch a few brim.

Today we did not go fishing but we did see lots of wildlife. To me this reminded me why I love fishing so much. Even though I was not on the water, I was spending time with my wife reminiscing about memories we have made while fishing.

The memories we make with our family and friends are priceless! I pray all who made it out this past weekend had a safe and blessed trip full of new memories!


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