Slayed the Snapper!

Tania and I arrived at the dock for the Miss Fort Pierce about 6:15am. As we arrived our friend Chris Klinger, from Port Saint Lucie Anglers Club, pulled into the parking lot. We were greeted by Captain Scott at the entrance of the dock to check us on the boat. We chatted with Captain Scott for a bit before we boarded the boat about 6:40am. The captain was the last person to board the boat and shortly after 6:50am we pulled away from the dock.

While we were heading out the two mates, Matt and Ashley, got everyone situated with rods/reels and bait. I brought a rod/reel for Tania and I, as Tania does not like fishing with conventional reels. I took our Penn Spinfisher VI 5500 combos, we got from BassPro Shop, and we started with 60g jigs. I wasn’t sure how well we would do jigging while anchored but thought it was worth the try.

It was a long ride to our first spot around 14 miles offshore in 70ft of water. We started fishing about 8:50am. Tania fished with the jig for about 10 minutes, when she decided she to change up to a chicken rig to fish the bottom. Tania started pulling in Grunts and short Vermillion Snapper left and right. She was bringing them up two at a time. I was not doing so well. My bites were far fewer and when I did hook up it was just Grunts. We stayed at the first spot about 30 minutes and then we moved on as the bite was slow for most of the boat. At the first spot Tania put a 13-inch Yellowtail and a few Lane Snapper in the cooler.

We traveled about 10 minutes to the second spot. Once again Tania was killing the Grunts and Vermillion Snapper. Unfortunately, all the Vermillion Snappers were short. We stayed at the second spot for about 20 minutes before we pulled anchor. I am assuming the captain decided to move because the sharks were thick in this spot. We had two very large sharks hooked up and several of the snapper were eaten before getting them to the boat.

The third spot was a bit further out and I believe the captain said we were in 80ft of water. At this spot I decided to change up and fish a chicken rig on the bottom. This spot was a good spot and both Tania and I were catching lots of fish. We mostly caught grunts, but we landed several Lane Snapper, more Vermillion Snapper, a Red Grouper, and hooked up with a couple of bigger fish which broke us off. The bit was so good we were catching two fish at a time. We fished this spot for about an hour and then the bite died off, so we moved to our fourth and final spot for the day.

The last spot provided both Tania and I several more fish in the cooler, not to mention countless fish we had to release. The most notable fish we released were three Yellow Tail Snapper that were 11 inches. Not long after arriving at the final spot it started to rain on us, and the bite seemed to die off. We stayed at this final spot until about 2:00pm, at which time we headed back in.

My buddy Chris was fishing on the other side of the boat, so it wasn’t until the ride back in we were able to catch up and see how each other did. Chris came home with two Trigger Fish and four Lane Snapper. Tania and I came home with 18 Lane Snapper ranging from 10 to 14 inches and one 13-inch Yellowtail Snapper. Tania caught the majority of the fish, but I am sure you all knew that as she always out fishes me.

We got back to the dock about 4:15pm and it was about 5:15pm when we got our fillets and started to head home. It was a long day on the water, but Tania and I had a great time.

Captain Scott and his crew did a great job putting us on fish and providing us with great service. Captain Scott went out of his way to learn everyone’s name and he was on the deck helping land fish, cut bait, rig rods, and untangle the few tangles we had. I was impressed how well we were taken care of by Matt, Ashley, and Captain Scott all day even though they had a full boat, 28 guests. We would recommend the Miss Fort Pierce to all our friends and family. The one downside to the Miss Fort Pierce is how long it takes to get out to the fish, but I am sure all the boats going out of Fort Pierce Inlet have a similar ride out.

Tania and I pray everyone who made it out this past weekend had blessed and safe trip and made it home safely with a bountiful catch! We pray you all have a great week this week and those who go out may you have tight lines and good times!

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  1. Sharon Slattery

    great report. What bait were you using?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mschulzefishing

      We started off with squid, then when we caught grunts we cut the grunts up and used them for bait.


  2. Christopher Klingler

    Look to go again I ha a great time with Mike ,Tania and the crew made few new friends
    Thanks Mike for another great report and thank you Capt Scott for speaking at the PSL Fishing club and for a great trip

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mschulzefishing

      The one thing I really enjoy when I go out the head boats are the people you meet and the new friends you make! Was glad you decided to join us next time we have to plan ahead and get spots next to each other!


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