Tough day Fishing With Friends!

On Saturday, I went fishing without Tania. She wasn’t feeling the best and knowing the conditions were going to be rough, she told me to get some friends to go with me. I reached out to my good friend Don and Chris, and both were happy to join me.

We all meet up at the dock about 6:30am. It was about 10 degrees warmer than Friday, but the wind was still pretty stiff. We loaded up and headed out about 7:00am. It was near the bottom of the outgoing tide and with a NE wind, the conditions were not right to drift the South Causeway Bridge, so we started off over at the Fort Pierce Yacht yard.

Don, Chris, and I all started off throwing different baits. Chris was throwing a Rattle Trap, Don was throwing a 4in Red/White Yo-Zuri Minnow, and I was throwing the Moonwalker top water from Salt Strong. I was the first one to get a hit. I had something blow up on my Moonwalker; however, the excitement was short lived as whatever it was broke me off. You can say I was more than disappointed as not only did a lose the fish, but I lost my bait. Not long after I broke off, my bait floated near the boat. Don tossed his bait over and snagged it. I was glad to see the loss was not due to a bad knot as my FG knot was still intact and the break occurred about a foot up on my main line.

We kept moving north along the sea wall at the yacht yard with very little action. Don and I both had a few more hits but did not catch anything. Chris changed over to a bottom rig and caught a few short snappers. As we continued to work north along bank, right before we decided to pull up the trolling motor, Don hooked up with a decent fish. It took him a few minutes to land the fish and it turned out to be a nice size jack Crevalle. We bleed it out and throw it in the cooler for some fish dip!

We headed to Taylor Creek next. We fished the docks on the south side of the creek all the way to the train bridge. We had a few hits, but nothing committed to taking our baits. We ended up spot locking at the bridge and tried bottom fishing for a little bit. Chris caught a Dog Snapper and a few puffer fish.

At this point we decided to fish one of the bridges. As we came out of Taylor Creek, we noticed several boats at North Causeway Bridge, so we decided to go to South Causeway Bridge. We fished the bridge for 30 minutes. We caught several grunts and a few short snappers, but nothing to put into the cooler.

Next, we drifted south of the bridge, but with the wind and the current the drift wasn’t the best. It was more east than south. At the end of the first drift, we had a few short snapper, but the bite was slow, so I decided to run us back to Thumb Point and try for some Trout.

We saw signs of life back at Thumb Point, but we didn’t put anything in the boat. Since it was mid-day I switched up to a Slam Shady paddle tail. Chris was still using the Rattle Trap and I believe Don changed up to live shrimp. I hooked up with something, however after a quick jump the fish shook the hook. That was the last bit of action we had back at Thumb Point.

The wind was really making fishing tough, so I took us to Bear Point in hopes of getting us out of the wind and hopefully catch a fish or two. We fished from the north side of Bear Point about halfway south. By this point my kidneys started to hurt so I suggested we head in. Unfortunately, I have not passed my stones yet.

Since the pain wasn’t terrible, I stopped at a few spots on the way back in, and we threw a few baits at each spot. Uncle Shane Wilson told me “Fishing is all about hope, with each cast we are hopeful we will get the bite and catch a fish”. I was full of this hope, but we ended the day hanging on to hope!

We got back to the dock about 1:00pm. Even though we didn’t catch a ton of fish, we all had a good time. I personally enjoyed the fellowship with Don and Chris!

Tania and I pray that everyone who made it out on the water this weekend had a safe and blessed trip. May the Lord bless each of you this week and anyone who goes out this week may you have tight lines and good times!


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  1. Christopher Klingler

    Any day on the water with friends is a great day
    Can’t wait to try the fish dip

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mschulzefishing

      I will be in your neck of the woods this evening. Maybe we can meet up and I can give it to you


  2. Anonymous

    Awesome report. Always fun reading your adventures

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mschulzefishing

      Thank you!


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