Hot Spanish Mackerel Bite!

On Monday Captain Ed took his buddy Lenny out. It was a beautiful day, and the marine forecast was favorable for offshore. With 1-2ft seas, Captain Ed decided to run North along the beach in search of Spanish Mackerel and Pompano. They found the fish near South Beach.

Captain Ed told me it was easy to find the fish as all the commercial boats were there. Ed and Lenny drifted while jigging with Tsunami Glass Minnow and Banana jigs. They both lost lots of jigs due to the Spanish Mackerel, however they had a great day of none stop action.

They fished for 4 hours and came home with 22 Spanish Mackerel, not quite a two-man limit, 12 Snapper and one Pompano. I am glad the weather was nice for my buddy and his friend; however, I am jealous as the weather looks horrible for this weekend. Currently the weather forecast is 15-20kt winds increasing to 20-25kts. With that forecast Tania and I won’t make it out.

Tania and I pray all who make it out while the weather is nice have a blessed and safe trip. May you have tight lines with good times.

If you are interested in the jigs Captian Ed used click the BassPro link below. It will take you right to them.


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