Snook and Sheepshead in Ft. Pierce!

I only had a few hours to fish this morning, as I have a doctor appointment this afternoon. I arrived at the dock about 6:45am. While I waited for the dock hand to get my boat, I tossed the moonwalker a few times. After my second cast a few dolphins appeared. I am pretty sure that is why I didn’t get a bite.

It was 7:00am by the time I got loaded up and was heading out. I decided to head to the waste treatment plant wall to try for Snook, like Captain Billy Briggs had shown me. I tossed a live shrimp out on a 1/4oz Trout Eye jig. Within 30 seconds I was fighting my first fish. It was a 20in Snook. I baited up and tossed out again.

On my second cast I hooked up with something much larger. It hit the line pretty hard, which made me instinctively grip my rod tighter. Unfortunately, I had my pointer finger holding my line to fill the bite and when I gripped down on my rod the line cut my fingertip pretty good. I learned a valuable lesson.  I fought this fish for a bit before I lost it near the boat. It was a nice fish and if I had to guess it was on the upper end of the slot, but since it broke me off, I did not get a measurement on it.

I rerigged, baited up, and tossed out again. It wasn’t long before I was fighting another fish. This time I landed a 12in sheepshead. I normally don’t keep Sheepshead under 14in, but they have been hard to come by for me, so it put it in protective custody.  

I fished this spot until 9:00am, at which time I ran out of bait. All in all, I had a pretty good two hours, and I was in the same spot the whole time. In this spot I landed two Snook and three Sheepshead, with the largest one being 15inches. I lost a total of three snook due to being broken off. I am disappointed in losing the fish; however, I feel I learned a few valuable lessons which will make me a better angler.

With tomorrows forecast, Tania and I had to cancel our plans to hold a surf fishing event with Reel Blessed. We pray all who go fishing stay safe and have a blessed trip. May you all have tight lines and good times!

Dolphins in the marina

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  1. Anonymous

    Awesome report. Did my finger that way a time or two.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mschulzefishing

      Thank you. It’s hard to go against your instincts to grip tighter!


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