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Reel Blessed Award Vamos A Pescar Grant 2023!

Reel Blessed Chapter of Fishing’s Future is proud to announce we have been selected to receive the Vamos A Pescar Grant for the second year in a row. Tania and I, with all our volunteers worked hard last year to put on five family fish camps specifically for the Vamos A Pescar Grant.

We did four freshwater events, each one increasing the families’ fishing abilities and strengthening their confidence as well as one saltwater event.

The first four camps were short, only 2-3 hours. The first class taught basic knots, water safety, and how to cast. The second class reinforced the knot taught at the first camp and taught a second knot as well as teaching them what a basic tackle box should have in it. The third class went over both knots again and we discussed fish habitats as well as rules and regulations. Our fourth camp taught the loop knot and how to fish with artificial baits. We also fished at each camp and on the fourth camp we everyone fished with nothing but artificial baits.

Our final camp was a saltwater camp. This event was much longer, 6 hours, and we provided lunch for all the families. We went over fish habitats for saltwater, saltwater rules and regulations, we went over casting and knot tying, as well as water safety. After the educational portion of the camp, we went fishing. We fished for about an hour, at which point we called everyone in for lunch. After lunch we did an aera clean-up, and then closed camp by having all the kids thank their parents for bringing them.

Each one of these camps are held at no cost to the participants. Tania and I raise the funds by seeking donations, applying for grants, and seeking sponsors. It is because of our donors and sponsors; we are able to continue to hold these camps in our community at no charge.

We also need volunteers. Without our volunteers, we would be unable to hold these family fish camps. The more volunteers we have the more attention we can personally give to each family. I would like to build our volunteer base to 30 people. This will help us have a good rotation of volunteers, so no one has to attend every event. I believe 30 volunteers would give us the ability to increase the amount of family fish camps we do also.  

If you click the link below it will take you to the Reel Blessed page with has a video of one of our events. It also has a donate button if you feel called to donate financially. If you would like to donate your time and volunteer, reach out to me for more details.

Our events are as follows: March 25th, April 15th, May 20th, July 1st, September 9th, and October 7th.

Tania and I pray you all have a blessed year. May every fishing trip you all take be blessed with safety, tight lines, and good times!


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