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Bass for PSL Botanical Gardens

With the foul weather on Saturday, we canceled the boat and meet up with our friends to go freshwater fishing. Our goal today was to catch more fish to put into PSL Botanical Gardens in preparation for the Kids Tournament on March 11th and Reel Blessed family fish camp on March 25th.

We meet Doug, Stephanie, and their son Douglas at the pond behind the St. Lucie Hospital on Tiffany Rd. We gathered all our gear and headed out to start our fishing adventure. While Doug, Douglas, and I were fishing, Tania and Stephanie went for a walk to catch up and have some girl time.

The first spot we picked didn’t seem to be holding any fish, so after about 10 minutes we moved to the next spot. It didn’t take long for Dough to land the first Bass. Unfortunately, Doug’s Bass was the only action we had in this area, so we moved on.

The next spot was the first covered pier from the parking lot. Before I got there Doug already had another Bass. I baited up and tossed out. Within 30 seconds of tossing along the reeds my bait was nailed and I reeled in a decent bass. Doug caught the next fish, which was a 12in Cichlid. We didn’t get a picture of the Cichlid because as Doug was taking it off the hook it wiggled and ended up back in the water. Not long after that Douglas finally hooked into and landed a Bass!

Shortly after Douglas landed his fish we moved to the next pier. Tania decided she wanted to fish at this pier, so I baited her up and she started fishing. Once again Doug caught the first fish in this spot. We fished this area for about 30 minutes in which time Doug caught 2 more Bass.

At this point we moved to the pond to the southeast of where we were. Tania was the first to catch a fish in this area. Her Bass was the biggest of the day at this point. We ended up fishing this pond for about 30 minutes. Tania caught two Bass; Douglas caught a decent size Blue Tilapia. With the last bait I lost a Bass. It was awesome watching the Bass hit my bait, but disappointing to see it swim away.

We had a good afternoon fishing with our friends. We were hoping to catch lots of pan fish to put into the pond, but we ended up getting seven bass ranging from 12-14 inches. We are going to try to do one more trip before our event in March to help ensure more fish caught by the participants.

Tania and I pray all who made it out this past weekend had a blessed and safe trip. May all who go this week have tight lines and good times!


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  1. Christopher Klingler

    Great to fih with friends
    Keep me in mind if u will be fishing to restock

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mschulzefishing

      I will let you know the next time we do it!


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