Captian Ed’s Intuition!

On Friday morning, I meet up with my buddy Chris. While we were waiting for our boat Captain Ed showed up, as he was taking his buddy Lenny out. We talked a bit and discussed our game plan. I told him how I was torn about going to the boils or if I should go north exploring. He told me he was torn also.

As you all know, I decided to go South and it was fruitful and there was a ton of life, however Ed chose to go north as he knows me well and knew I would go south. He decided to start just south of Vero Cover. Captain Ed and Lenny got to their spot around 7:45am and started fishing.

The conditions were about as perfect as you could get for bottom fishing. There was no wind and practically no swell, so the drift was slow, which provided a lot of time over the target area.

Within 30 minutes of being at Vero Cover, Captain Ed called me and asked where I was. When I told him I went south he told me I should have come north. By this time, he had two Sheepshead, a handful of Spanish Mackerel, and at least 10 Lane Snapper in the cool. As those of you who read my report on Friday know, I high tailed it up north to cash in on the intel.

While Captain Ed waited for me to arrive at his location, him and Lenny about had their 2-man limit of Snapper and added a few more other fish to the list of fish in the cooler. They continued to drift within this location for another 30 minutes, before they decided to move further north and into Vero Cove to explore more.

This move paid off for Captain Ed and Lenny. They ended up fishing until 1:00pm before heading back to the dock. Captain Ed and Lenny had a great day on the water and caught so many fish they felt as if their arms would fall off. They ended the day with a 2-man limit of Snapper, 11 Spanish Mackerel, a handful of Bluefish, two Sheepshead, a Black Margate, and a Pompano.

All in All, Captain Ed and Lenny had a great day on the water, making memories in good company. Tania and I pray all who make it out this week have a blessed and safe trip. May you have tight lines and good times!


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  1. Christopher Klingler

    Great report

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    1. mschulzefishing

      Thank you Christopher!


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