Birthday Fishing With Luke!

On Monday, my Buddy Matt Gray decided to take his son Luke and his friend Zack Fishing. It was Luke’s 24th birthday, so Matt was looking at putting his son on some good fish. They launched out of Stan Blum about 9:00am. This was the first time in over a month since Matt had his boat out since it was being painted.

With the beautiful weather, Matt decided they would start off at the boils. With the SW wind it was flat on the way to the boils. Once they arrived, they did a drift into the boils. They caught Bluerunners and Jack Crevalle. Matt mentioned there was a ton of life and they saw lots of sharks, so he chunked up a Bluerunner to try and put his son on a shark. They hooked up on several sharks but were unable to land any since they did not have any wire.

After the drift they decided to anchor up at the east buoy. They caught lots of fish and even saw a school of small Cobia swim past. Zack is fairly new to fishing so Matt told him what to do to try and catch one as they swam past. Unfortunately, he did not get them to hit the bait. They spent an hour and half at the buoy in which time they landed Zack’s first Sheepshead, a Spanish Mackerel, and a couple Black Margates.

At this time, Matt decided to head back north to Fort Pierce Inlet. He took the boys to the north side of the north jetty. They started throwing shrimp along the rocks. They were not using any weights. They catch a ton of snapper in this spot, unfortunately after about 30 minutes, Matt noticed they were drifting, and the anchor line was gone. Unfortunately, the anchor line came untied and was gone. They had to call their day short due to losing the anchor.

On their way home they stopped at Little Jim’s for lunch. Matt ended the day by taking Luke to BassPro and getting him a fishing Kayak. Luke picked out the Pelican Catch PWR 100, which is a 9ft 9in motor-ready fishing Kayak. When Matt told me these, I asked him if he wanted another son.

From what Matt tells me Luke had a pretty good birthday.  He got to go fishing, which he loves, and he got a new kayak. Let’s all wish Luke a happy birthday, I am sure he would appreciate it.  

Tania and I pray all who make it out the rest of the week have a blessed and safe trip. May you have tight lines and good times!


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  1. Anonymous

    Nice writing and sharing other fisherman adventures

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    1. mschulzefishing

      Thank you


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