Permit Pursuit: A Bounty of Fish Caught!

My buddy Captain Ed has had an exceptional past six months fishing out of Ft. Pierce Inlet, with a steady bite of Snapper, Mackerel, and Cobia throughout the year. The decision of where to focus their efforts was a difficult one, but after much consideration, they decided to pursue one of their favorite species of fish, the Permit.

This week, Captain Ed was joined by his two friends, Lenny and Bruce, and after loading up their equipment, they set out from the dock by 7 am. With skies overcast and winds blowing at 5-10 knots, they headed south to the Boils in search of their target species. Upon arrival, they found four or five other boats in the area and chose a location that would allow them to make a drift without crossing paths with other boats.

On their first drop, all three of them were hooked up within seconds, and the first drift produced multiple Jack Crevalle, Blue Runners, and two keeper Pompano. Shortly after beginning Their second drift, Captain Ed’s reel began to scream as a big fish took about 150 yards of line before they could get the engine in gear. After 15 minutes of slowly wearing the fish down, it surfaced, and they confirmed it was a 25lbs Permit. A few minutes later, they had the fish in the boat, and the day was already a success, only 30 minutes into their fishing trip.

Over the next three hours, they caught over 75 fish, mostly Blue Runner, Jack Crevalle, and Pompano, but they also managed to connect with three more Permit. At the end of the day, they returned with two large Permit, 14 Pompano, and three Lane Snappers. Exhausted from the day’s activities, they finished cleaning their catch and equipment, reflecting on how blessed they were to live in such an amazing place and share these experiences with good friends.

In conclusion, their fishing trip out of Ft. Pierce Inlet was a success, and they attribute it to the exceptional fishing in the area as well as Captain Ed’s intuition. They are already looking forward to what their next trip will offer.

Tania and I pray everyone who made it out this week had a blessed and safe trip. We pray for all who are going out this holiday weekend. May you have tight lines and good times! Happy Easter my brothers and sisters.

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