Reeling in the Memories With Tania and Ron!

On Sunday, Tania and I were joined by my friend Ron aboard our boat. We arrived at the dock at 6:30am but were unable to obtain live shrimp due to local bait shops being out. As a result, we visited the city marina in the hopes of acquiring some, and if that failed, we intended to purchase frozen shrimp. On the previous day, I had called War Daddy Baits to reserve pilchards for our trip.

Our departure was delayed due to the dock hands being behind schedule, causing us to wait until 7:10am before receiving our boat. Once we had boarded and acquired the necessary bait, we made our way towards the inlet. Despite being the sixth vessel to arrive at the Boils, we were able to locate plenty fish.

We began drifting using 30-gram jigs tipped with shrimp. Tania was the first to catch a fish, a 14-inch Pompano, shortly after we started our drift. The first drift yielded several other species such as Jack Crevalle, Blue Runners, Blue Fish, and a 4 ½ foot shark.

We maintained drifting near the shore and moving eastward towards the buoy. The west wind and incoming tide favored our drift, resulting in a continuous stream of catches. During the three-hour of fishing, we lost count of the Blue Runners, Blue Fish, and Jack Crevalle we caught. Ron, however, encountered a larger fish that he struggled with for some time before it eventually broke off. It is believed it may have been a shark, but without visual confirmation, we are uncertain. As usual Tania out fished Ron and I together. Ron even questioned how Tania kept catching fish as he was fishing beside her. She lived up to her nick name of the Fish Whisperer, although Ron called her the Fish Assassin because she doesn’t eat the fish, she just likes to catch them.

At 11:30am, we concluded our fishing trip and returned to the dock with a catch consisting of nine Pompano, two Jack Crevalle, and one Spanish Mackerel. The cleaning process took nearly an hour, after which Ron and I split the catch. I kept three of the Pompano, which I intend to use for my personal meal. The Jack Crevalle, on the other hand, I intend to utilize for fish dip. For more details on my fish dip recipe or my meal, please click on the links below to access my recipes for Jack Crevalle Fish Dip and Blackened Pompano.

Tania and I pray all who go out this week have a blessed and safe trip. And may your trip be full of tight lines and good times!

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  1. Anonymous

    Awesome job. Looks like the bait shops need to order more shrimp if the are running out by 630.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ReelBlessed

      Thank you. Yes they were all sold out the night before as I started looking for bait at 6am when the bait shops opened


  2. Anonymous

    hey im thinking i am the black cloud
    great job keeping tight lines

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ReelBlessed

      Lol. Na just some days are better than others!


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