Jack Crevalle Fish Dip

Since Tania and I caught some Jack Crevalle over the weekend and today I am actually making the fish dip I thought I would repost this post. For any of you who have tried my recipe please let me know what your thoughts were on the fish dip!

Captain Mike's Treasure Coast Fishing Adventures

I have been told Jack Crevalle makes a good fish dip, so I decided to keep one and try it out. When I caught a decent size Jack, about 20 inches, I bleed it out and then put it in an ice slurry. I filleted it up and cut out the blood line and brought it home.

A few days after catching it, I had time to prepare the fish dip. I put the fillets in a brine for a few hours as I got everything else ready. I picked some jalapeños from my garden and diced them up to put them on the cream cheese.

After a few hours, I pulled the fillets out of the brine, patted them dry, and then placed them on the smoker rack to let them air dry for an hour. While the fillets were air drying, I started to preheat the smoker to…

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  1. Anonymous

    I’ll leave it all up to you buddy .
    I will just enjoy the company and the dip 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ReelBlessed

      That’s fine as it means more for me!


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