Casting Hope: Finding Purpose in Serving Others Through Fishing

On Wednesday I made plans to take my buddy Perry fishing again. He really enjoyed fishing last time so we talked about getting together once a month to go fishing. Last post with Perry, I mentioned he was having a tough time. He said I could share. He has lost about 95% of all his vision and is now legally blind and has been struggling to adapt to life without sight. Today we had good Fellowship while we were fishing. I am humbled how God can use my passion for fishing to bring joy to others and how I am able to serve others through this wonderful sport.

I picked Perry up from his house about 12:45pm and we headed to the bait shop to pick up a couple dozen shiners. While at the bait shop, the gentleman who was helping us asked where I was taking my buddy. I mentioned I was going to take him to the spot Tania and I caught the Snook and the large Bass. He told me I was awfully nice taking my buddy there. I told him I was not worried as he was blind and couldn’t tell others where it was. We all had a good laugh.

Well once we got our bait we headed to the spillway by my house. I set Perry up and told him to cast right at the spillway. While I was setting my rod up Perry got his first bite but he just lost his bait. I baited both hooks and we both tossed out. It didn’t take long for me to hook up with a fish. The first fish landed was an 18-inch snook.

We ended up fishing the spillway for about an hour. In that time Perry caught four bass and lost one nice size Florida Gar. I ended up catching a total of four Snook and I lost something pretty large. I think it might have been a larger snook as it hit hard and it broke me off. We also had a Florida Gar come right up to where I was standing. I kneeled down and watched is swim up closer to me. It was pretty cool watching it swim so close to us.

About 2:15Pm we decided to move to another spot, as the bite seemed to die off at the spillway. There was another canal I have seen that looked promising so we headed there. We fished this canal until 2:45pm and Perry was the only one who caught anything. He landed a decent Bass.

We still had some shiners left so on the way to taking Perry home we stopped at one of the ponds down the street from his house on the golf course. This was the pond where he had caught a 4 1/2lb Bass the last time we went fishing. Perry caught the first Bass in this pond. It wasn’t the monster we were hoping for but it was a fish. Right before 3:30pm when I had to head home, I hooked up with a decent Bass. Once again it wasn’t the monster Perry caught last time but was still a nice Bass.

All in all, Perry and I had a blessed day fishing.  We both caught plenty of fish in the few hours we fished. Looking for the next time Perry and I can get out together! Tania and I pray all who make it out this weekend have a blessed and safe trip. May you all have tight lines and good times!

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  1. Anonymous

    Always fun to wet the line even better when you can do it with a friend.


    1. ReelBlessed

      I agree! I do not go fishing alone often as its always better to share the experience it with a freind!


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