A Successful Afternoon of Bass Fishing!

After a long day at work on Thursday afternoon, I decided to unwind by going fishing at the spillway. Armed with a dozen shiners and my trusty GoPro camera, I was eager to spend an hour or so fishing before my wife, Tania, finished work. Since I had recently lost 45 pounds, I was excited to try out my chest mount in hopes of capturing some great footage.

As I made my way to the water, I started filming right away, knowing it wouldn’t be long before I caught my first fish. Despite the fact that we hadn’t had any rain in the past five days, the water level was still high enough to make for good fishing. The flow was slow, but that didn’t deter me from getting started.

Within the first five minutes of casting my line, I hooked my first bass. I was so excited that I forgot to double-check that my GoPro was recording, and unfortunately, I lost the footage. Lesson learned: always double-check your camera is rolling before you start fishing.

Over the next hour, I went through my dozen shiners and managed to catch five bass, with only one gar getting away. While I was disappointed not to catch any snook, I was overall happy with the results. The bass I caught were all decent size, ranging from 12-16 inches. Sadly, I only managed to capture pictures of three of the five fish due to technical difficulties.

Despite the setbacks, I learned a few valuable lessons during my adventure that will help me produce better videos in the future. First, always check that your camera is recording before you start fishing. Second, make sure to have a backup plan in case your equipment fails. And third, be patient and stay positive, even if things don’t go exactly as planned.

Tania and I hope all those who were able to go fishing this week had a safe trip and those planning to go this weekend have an equally blessed and safe experience. May you have tight lines and good times!

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  1. Anonymous

    Keep at it you will get the hang of it.

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    1. ReelBlessed

      Thank you!


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