Catching Memories With Captain Ed!

As I look back on that day, October 30, 2020, memories of my long-awaited return to the water come flooding back. It had been nearly three weeks since I last set foot on a boat, hindered by inclement weather and the demands of work. However, today, a cold front threatened to spoil our plans for a fishing trip. Despite the odds, my friend Captain Ed and I decided to push forward.

Ed, ever the early bird, had already ventured onto the water when I finally joined him at the dock around 11 am. Unfortunately, my morning had been occupied with taking Tania to the doctors. In my absence, Ed had managed to reel in a few trout and lost a large snook at the boat. It was clear that the day held promise.

We began our fishing expedition at one of my favorite sheepshead spots, hoping to catch a few as they are my favorite fish to eat. Although reports indicated sporadic catches, the sheepshead had yet to arrive in substantial numbers. The water temperature, lingering at 82°F, remained too warm for their liking. After spending about an hour at our initial location, Ed triumphed with three respectable mangrove snappers, but the sheepshead remained elusive. As frustration set in, I proposed that we relocate and redirect our efforts towards the mangroves, driven by an ardent desire to capture a trout before the season closed for two-month on Sunday.

We embarked towards the spoil islands situated just north of Little Jim’s. The sight of baitfish causing ripples and commotion greeted our eyes; however, we had no bites. At this juncture, we faced a choice: to venture deeper into the fingers or to seek refuge at harbor branch. Given the murkiness of the water near the fingers and Ed’s recent success catching snook and trout near Harbor Branch on Tuesday, we resolved to make our way north.

Guided by a Northeast wind, the drift at Harbor Branch proved ideal. The mangroves, where full of life as baitfish were all around us. Ed managed to land a few decent jack crevalle and two undersized trout, while I celebrated the capture of a magnificent 24-inch trout, the satisfaction heightened by my new St. Croix fishing rod. Doubts that had lingered after an unsuccessful second trip with the rod were finally dispelled. However, shortly after my trout I lost a small snook right at the boat.

Following our exploits at Harbor Branch, we ventured out to the inlet and attempted two drifts. Alas, the strong winds colliding with the current rendered the conditions unfavorable. Sensing the limits of our luck, we reluctantly concluded it was time to call it a day. Nevertheless, the experience had been nothing short of exceptional, shared with a good friend on the water.

Tania and I pray all who have made it out so far this week had safe and blessed trips and those who are going out the rest of the week have blessed trips with tight lines and good times!

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