A Memorable Fishing Adventure With Friends!

There’s something special about taking a fishing trip with friends. On this particular day, Don, Walt, and I set out on an unforgettable fishing trip filled with excitement, breathtaking scenery, and fellowship which makes such outings truly special.

Bright and early, the day began as I picked up Don at 6:00 am. Our first stop was to gather shrimp and ice. With our supplies secured, we made our way to the dock to rendezvous with Walt. With the boat loaded, we set out on our adventure about 6:45am

Our initial destination was War Daddy Baits, where we acquired pilchards. The journey to this point was an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding islands and the astonishing clarity of the water.

In the first fishing area, the channel heading back to The Cove, I experienced an exciting start, reeling in the first catch of the day, a snook. As if competing for attention, three barracudas soon followed. Don and Walt were not to be outdone, as they also caught barracudas in this productive fishing spot. The thrill of the chase and the satisfying tug on our lines filled the air as we relished these initial successes.

Eager to explore more opportunities, we ventured towards Taylor Creek. Unfortunately, our stay was brief due to changing tides, which rendered the water murky and less conducive to fishing. Taylor Creek yielded no noteworthy catches, but our resilient spirits were undeterred.

Pressing forward, we directed our course toward the South Causeway Bridge. The water here was a spectacle in itself, with countless glass minnows swarming in shimmering masses. Despite the abundance of baitfish, our luck was limited to a 16-inch black grouper. Nevertheless, the natural beauty and the sense of tranquility enveloping us made this stop memorable.

Since we stayed inshore today, Walt was hoping to catch a trout. With this in mind we headed to Thumb Point, but it seemed luck was not with us. The fish weren’t biting, and we found ourselves searching for greener pastures, eager to reel in more memorable catches.

Undeterred by the temporary setback, we revisited the South Causeway Bridge, where our perseverance paid off. Don’s rod came alive as he landed numerous small lane snappers, a few short mutton snappers, and an 18-inch black grouper. Don was also broken off several times by larger fish. We are assuming they were goliath groupers; however, we never saw the fish so we will never know for sure.  

Although we didn’t bring any fish home, the true essence of our adventure lay in the incredible experiences shared and the bonds strengthened. The thrill of the chase, the breathtaking clarity of the water, and the beauty of the surroundings made this fishing trip truly remarkable. We navigated our way back to the dock about 2:30pm, carrying with us cherished memories and the anticipation of future fishing endeavors.

Tania and I are not going to be making it out this weekend as we have a Reel Blessed evening tomorrow. With that being said, we pray all who make it out this weekend have blessed and safe trips. May you have tight lines and good times.

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  1. Don

    Hey Mike you forgot to mention Walt’s catfish..😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ReelBlessed

      Lol might have been intentional. He might have paid me to keep that information to myself 😂


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