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  • Bonita Fish Dip!

    Bonita Fish Dip!

    So, I finally finished up my fish dip today. I was a little concerned with how red the Bonita was, however once smoked it tasted pretty good. I mixed in some fresh diced jalapeños I picked for the occasion, mixed 2 cups mayonnaise and sour cream, 4 tablespoons of pampered chief Fiesta seasoning and all…

  • Sheepshead Poor Man’s Lobster

    Sheepshead Poor Man’s Lobster

    Friday, I decided to make poor man lobster with the Sheepshead I caught on Thursday. I also got a lobster tail from Publix to compare them side by side. It was a quick and easy lunch, and it was delicious. With that being said the poor man’s lobster was pretty good; however, it was not…

  • Sheepshead Tacos

    Sheepshead Tacos

    I decided to make fish tacos with the sheepshead I caught on Saturday. The first step was to make the coleslaw. I started with a coleslaw mix from Publix and then made the dressing. The Dressing was a mix of mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, sugar, and Frank’s Redhot powder. I did a cup of mayonnaise,…

  • Surf and Turf for Supper

    Surf and Turf for Supper

    Good afternoon my friends and family. Tania and I pray all our SE Florida friends stay safe as Nicole heads our way. If you need help putting up shutters let us know. I would be happy to help.  While we are waiting for the storm to come and go, I decided I would like to…

  • Fish Tacos

    Fish Tacos

    I decided to make fish tacos for lunch today. I used the sheepshead and snapper I brought home on the other day. The first step to making good fish tacos is to get the coleslaw ready. I bought shredded cabage at the local Publix and mixed in chipotle ranch, shredded cheddar cheese, and corn tortilla…

  • Sheepshead Chowder

    Sheepshead Chowder

    With Sheepshead starting to be caught in southeast Florida I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes, Sheepshead Chowder. Sheepshead Chowder If you make this, please let me know how you like it. If you made any changes let me know what you did and how you feel it worked.

  • Jack Crevalle Fish Dip

    Jack Crevalle Fish Dip

    I have been told Jack Crevalle makes a good fish dip, so I decided to keep one and try it out. When I caught a decent size Jack, about 20 inches, I bleed it out and then put it in an ice slurry. I filleted it up and cut out the blood line and brought…