A Memorable Anniversary Fishing Adventure

With all the storms we have been having in the evening Tania and I have been unable to get out in the afternoons. Tomorrow is looking questionable with a 10-15kt N wind and 6-7ft seas with an occasional 10ft.  With that being said I wanted to share a trip Tania and I took with Captain Jason Muller.

Celebrating our wedding anniversary, my wife Tania and I embarked on a memorable charter experience on May 2, 2020. We were fortunate to have our friend Jason Muller, the owner of Muller Maritime Services, guide us on his beautiful boat. With a hardworking first mate, his daughter Lily by his side, we set out on an exciting fishing expedition that exceeded all our expectations. Not only did we reel in an impressive catch, but we also witnessed the breathtaking beauty of nature throughout our journey.

As Tania wasn’t fond of trolling, we made a collective decision to start our adventure with bottom fishing. After reaching our first spot, we found the bite to be slow but steady. At this spot we did manage to some snapper and porgies in the cooler but nothing really to brag about. After a short while we decided to pull anchor and set off in search of more favorable conditions, as the water temp was on the cooler side.

While en route to find warmer waters, we took advantage of the opportunity to troll for a few hours. Although we experienced a couple of promising strikes, it seemed the fish were hesitant and only nibbled at the back half of our bait. Nonetheless, we savored the experience, enjoying the thrill of anticipation as we continued our journey.

With the water temperature rising from 70°F to 76°F, we concluded it was a good time to return to bottom fishing. As luck would have it, our second spot proved to be far more rewarding. Our efforts paid off handsomely as we hauled in an array of impressive catches, including a keeper gag grouper, a fish that had long been on my bucket list. Additionally, we successfully landed a nice mangrove snapper, several lane snappers, several porgies, a triggerfish, and a scorpion fish.

Among the many exhilarating moments, we encountered some challenges as well. Unfortunately, an 8-foot hammerhead snatched away a prized mangrove snapper just as we were about to get it on the boat. Tania also had a memorable encounter when she engaged in a 20-minute battle with a massive fish. Regrettably, the leader wore through, and we were unable to identify the species. We suspect it was a goliath grouper, but its identity remained a mystery, as it eluded a close encounter with the boat.

As our unforgettable day on the water drew to a close, a splendid finale awaited us. Just as we were preparing to head back, a magnificent kingfish seized the opportunity and leaped about 5 feet out of the water, astonishing us with its acrobatics. However, our elation was short-lived as the hook dislodged mid-air, and the kingfish swam away. Nevertheless, we were left in awe of the wonders that nature had unfolded before us.

Our anniversary charter with Muller Maritime Services, captained by our friend Jason Muller, was a remarkable experience that combined the joys of fishing with the wonders of nature. Not only did we capture a bountiful assortment of fish, but we also encountered breathtaking sights such as sea turtles, playful dolphins, graceful flying fish, and even a few hammerhead sharks. It was an adventure that reminded us of the beauty and diversity that surround us, leaving us with cherished memories and an eagerness to go on future charters.

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