Surf Fishing with Family and Friends

On October 9, 2022, Tania and I took her friend Koran and her daughter to the beach. The water was beautiful, and the finger mullet was thick. My buddy Michael sent me a picture showing me the six pompano he took home, so we decided to go surf fishing today. 

We arrived at Blue Heron beach around 730am, which was about an hour prior to high tide. There were already several fishermen on the beach, so I was really excited, especially since my buddy caught his limit yesterday. The water was a decent color, but there were lots of weeds. The weeds almost made it unfishable; however, we were there so I had to give it a shot. 

The first rod I had to cast several times before the weight got stuck so the weeds did not pull it in. By the time I got the second rod set up Tania was pulling in a fish. Unfortunately, it was just a catfish. I was hoping for some better fish for the amount of work I was having to put in. 

I ended up only putting 3 rods out as the first hour I was running from one rod to the next and not getting to catch my breath. Between the catfish and the weeds, I really got a workout in. About 930am I hooked up with my first pompano, but it was my turn to pay the taxman and I lost it to a shark. I was highly disappointed, but I know it happens. 

We ended up fishing until 11am. We were the last folks to leave the beach. I lost count of the number of catfish we caught, but we also landed a short pompano, a decent whiting, and a small Jack Crevalle. 

All in all, we had a good day with great company. On the drive home we stopped by to check out the jetty. Lots of folks had Spanish Mackerel in their buckets. This is a good sign! I pray all who went fishing today had better luck than we did! Until next time, tight lines my brothers and sisters.


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