Post Hurricane Plan

Tania had her best friends, June, fly into town on Tuesday. Yepper, she flew in with Nicole heading right at us. We picked her up, brought her home and got her settled in.

On Wednesday we took a drive to the Fort Pierce Jetty, to look at the angry ocean. The jetty was closed due to the water already coming over and flooding the parking lot. I will say in the few years we have lived here; we have never seen the water as high as it was. I was fearful of all the damage the flooding was going to cause to our beaches.

Today, after hurricane Nicole past, we decided to take a drive to Blue Heron beach. I wanted to assess the damage to our favorite surf fishing beach. I was actually surprised at how well the beach did. It was high tide, so not completely sure how the beach is; however, what we did see looked fine.

With the marine forecast for Saturday, I am looking at going out and seeing how the bite is. I am not hopeful of it being a great bite, but I am sure we can catch something if we try. With the concern of debris in the water, and the water most likely still being dirty from the hurricane, I am planning on staying near the marina. 

I pray everyone who goes out this weekend, post hurricane, has tight lines and stays safe. If you go out this weekend please let me know how you do. 

Rating: 1 out of 5.
Blue Heron Beach

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice Update. Hope you had a good time on the water today

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mschulzefishing

      Thank you. We did have a great time on the water and even brought a couple fish home for supper!


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