Small Pompano at Blue Heron Beach

On Sunday after church, I asked Tania and June if they wanted to go to the beach. Both Tania and June enjoy sitting on the beach relaxing. I figured I could throw a couple of baits in the water to see what was biting while we were all enjoying each other’s company! They both said yes, so I packed the car and we headed to Blue Heron beach.

We arrived around 2:00pm. I unloaded the car while Tania and June went to save us a spot. Once I got to the water, I checked out the tide. It was an outgoing tide, we missed high tide by a few hours. While I was setting up our third rod the first rod got hit. I was excited to have brought in a short pompano in such a short amount of time. I was hopeful this was a sign of what was to come, unfortunately we didn’t get another bite for a bit.

After, 20 minutes with no bites I started to check the baits. The first rod I brought in still had both baits on and in good shape. The second rod had one bait gone and on the other hook only the mesh from the Fishbites was there, so I put fresh bait on.

Before I could get to the third rod, the fourth rod started going. While I was reeling in, the third rod went, and Tania started reeling it in. Unfortunately, neither line had a fish on when we brought them in, but it at least got the blood pumping!

We ended up fishing until about 4pm, when the rain started moving in. It was a slow bite, but this was more of a beach trip than a fishing trip. We ended up catching two short pompano, one small blue runner, and one ladyfish. I was happy we didn’t catch any catfish.

May all who make It out this week have a blessed trip and have tight lines.

Tania bringing in a baby blue runner!

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