Solo Trip

Today I did a solo trip. I invited a friend; however, he had to back out due to some personal issues. I checked the forecast and wasn’t sure I was going to go myself with the 15-20kt wind forecast. I decided to send it anyways and got to the dock about 6:30am.

While I was waiting for the dockhand to get my boat, I tossed a bait in the water. I was throwing the Moonwalker and on my second cast I lost it. A school of bit jacks took it and ended up breaking me off. By the time I tied another Moonwalker on, the dockhand was pulling up to the dock with my boat for the day.

As I was leaving the cover of the marina the wind kicked up. With a strong N wind, I decided to start at the Ft Pierce Yacht yard. I started fishing the southwest wall and continued to throw the Moonwalker along the wall and around the Monarch Princess. I had a few hits on the top water but nothing committed.

When I got to the NW corner of the yacht yard, I saw some fish blow up chasing bait. I tossed my bait in the mix and something took it. It came at the boat and then it turned and took off. I am guessing it was a large jack by how quickly It turned and ran. I fought this fish for a good few minutes before I put my hand on the spool to try and slow it down as it was taking a lot of line and not giving any back. Shortly after I tried to slow the fish down it spit the hook. I was heartbroken to have lost the fish without seeing what it was.

The bite pretty much died after I lost the big one, so I moved over to Taylor Creek. The water was still pretty dirty, and the wind picked up so I wasn’t sure the fishing would be any good. It didn’t take long for me to catch a little Jack Crevalle. I continued to work my way west to the bridge in Taylor Creek, fishing al the docks on the south side. I had a few more hits but didn’t catch anything else until I got to the bridge. I will say I am addicted to fishing with top water baits. There is nothing like watching the wake of a fish follow your bait or even when the water blows up when the fish strikes.

After Taylor Creek I headed over to Thumb Point. To see if I could hook up with a snook. I was really surprised at how clear the water was. I started fishing the long dock to the west end of Thumb Point. I ended up fishing the whole shoreline from the dock to the east shoreline. I saw tons of finger mullet as well as a bunch of larger mullet. I am attributing the large amount of bait to why I didn’t even get a bite in this area.  

Since it was getting choppy and it was getting harder to cast, due to the wind I called it a day. I ended up at the dock about 11:30am. It was a short day on the water, but I was a great trip. Tania and I plan on going on first thing in the morning to try our luck again. I pray all who make it out this weekend have safe and blessed trips with tight lines!


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    Thank you for sharing!

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