Fishing With Family and Friends!

On Wednesday, Tania asked to go fishing at Indian Riverside Park. I talked with Darryl and his family, and we all decided it was a good day. The weather looked nice, light wind and the temperature was in the 70s. I was hoping to catch some sheepshead, so I called Castaway Bait and Tackle to see if they had any crabs and some live shrimp, unfortunately they did not have any. We ended up getting frozen shrimp, sandfleas, and some frozen mullet.

We arrived at the fishing dock about 1:00pm and it was still incoming tide. There were several folks already fishing on the dock, so we ended up going all the way to the end. Tania started fishing with shrimp, I started with sandflea, and Darryl started with cut bait.  

Darryl ended up catching the first fish on the cut bait. He landed a short Mutton Snapper. About 2:00pm Tony from On Foot Angler showed up and said he does best just at the start of outgoing tide. Because Tony showed up Tania and I remained hopeful to catch some fish.

Tony gave me a few crabs to try and help me catch some sheepshead. We continued to fish until 4:00pm and in that time Darryl and Tania had a few bites and I myself wasn’t so lucky. I couldn’t believe I didn’t get a bite in 3 hours.

I believe the water temperature change made the fish less active. In the three hours only a few fish were caught. Darryl’s Mutton Snapper, a Ladyfish, a few short Pompano, a short Permit, and three Croaker. Although we didn’t catch any fish to bring home, we made some good memories spending time with family and friends.  Tania and I pray all who make it out have better luck than we did. May you all have tight lines and good times.


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