Pompano on Blue Heron Beach!

On Friday Tania suggested we take Darryl surf fishing on New Year’s Eve. This way we could fish, and the girls could enjoy the sun and beach. Darryl was all in and he helped me pack the car and get ready.

Tania, Darryl, and I got up early and arrived at Blue Heron Beach around 7:00am. With low tide at 8:55am we arrived at the tail end of the outgoing tide. When we arrived there were three cars in the lot, which was a good thing as it meant the beach would not be crowded. I packed up the surf cart and we headed to the beach.

As soon as we arrive and I’m loading the cart Tania goes and saves us a spot to set up. On this day we went slightly south from the beach entry way. I was grateful we didn’t have to walk to far as it’s quite the workout lugging all the gear in the sand.

With Darryl’s help we had two rods set up quickly and in the water. While we were setting up the third and fourth rod, the second rod went completely slack. I yelled to Tania to go get it. Sure enough there was a short Pompano on the line. I was pretty happy we got a targeted species so quickly.

I casted the first two rods to show Darryl how to cast a 12 ft rod as it’s been a long time since he did it. He felt comfortable enough to cast the third rod out.  In his excitement the bail closed on him as he casted and you hear the loud twang of the line snapping. I casted out the fourth rod and then helped Darryl re-rig the third rod to get it in the water.

Darryl casted very well for not having done it in a while. It was apparent he was casting far enough as shortly after he got his line wet, he caught a 10-inch Pompano. It was short but once again it was a targeted species. We ended up catching a few more fish before low tide but the bite really turned on once the tide shifted to incoming.

It was an absolutely beautiful day on the beach, with the turquoise water, light wind, and perfect temperature. We ended up fishing until 1:00pm and the main reason we left was we all got tired of reeling in fish and casting back out. Surf fishing is quite the work out. Tania ended up catching 10 Pompano, two were legal, and one blue fish. Darryl caught seven Pompano; one was 11-inches which is legal however we released it. Rylie, Darryl’s daughter, caught two short Pompano, and I caught two Pompano, one being legal and the largest of the day at 15-inches. Honestly the only reason I caught the two fish was because Tania was too tried to run to the rod and reel it in!

11 of the Pompano were caught on Red Crab Fishbites, seven Pompano were caught on Orange and White Sandflea Fishbites, one Pompano was caught on Electric Chicken Shrimp Fishbites, One Pompano was caught on Power Lime Crab, and the Blue Fish was caught on the Power Lime Shrimp.

At the end of the day, we came home with three Pompano and one Blue Fish. I thought this was a great way to end 2022! Tania always has the best ideas. I am so blessed. Tania and I pray all who made it out of this holiday weekend had a blessed trip. We pray all who go out this week have tight lines and good times!


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  1. Anonymous

    Very nice details. Hope to spend sometime fishing with you. Soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mschulzefishing

      Thank you. Its always better fishing with others!


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