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Bonita Fish Dip!

So, I finally finished up my fish dip today. I was a little concerned with how red the Bonita was, however once smoked it tasted pretty good. I mixed in some fresh diced jalapeños I picked for the occasion, mixed 2 cups mayonnaise and sour cream, 4 tablespoons of pampered chief Fiesta seasoning and all the fish we caught on Saturday minus what I ate/tasted! I thought it was pretty good; however, it will get more flavor as it sits, and all the flavors are absorbed.

I gave my neighbor some to try. I was happy to hear back from him that he liked it. At that point I passed it out to many of my friends and I took some for the dock hands at the boat club. I was pleased to hear back from everyone that it was pretty good. Well I all the rumors I heard about how good Bonita could be were true. If you haven’t tried Bonita before I would recommend you at least try it once.

If you are looking for a new smoker click the link below for the Masterbuilt® 30 Digital Electric Smoker delivers delicious smoked food without constant monitoring. This digital smoker delivers consistent cooking temperatures up to 275°F. This is the same model smoker I use except it’s a new Model. Its currently on sale. Normally $299.99 and now $229.99.


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  1. Brandi Murchison-Gray

    That sounds so yummy!! Its always nice to try making new things….its even better when you nail it! Great job Captain Mike!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mschulzefishing

      Thank you Brandi!


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