Recollections of a Pleasant Fishing Trip with Tania!

It has been another busy week for me. I have been working and getting my quarterly reports ready for the grant Reel Blessed received this year. With that being said I have no fishing report for today so I thought I would share an adventure Tania and I had back in 2021. It was a great day catching fish with my best friend.

On January 23, 2021, Tania and I made it out for the first time in weeks. Tania was really excited to catch some fish. We got to the dock around 7:00am and by the time we had everything loaded and ready to head out it was about 7:15am.

It was an outgoing tide, so we stared to drift south of South Causeway Bridge heading towards the bridge. Shortly after we started Tania hooked up with s short red grouper. After that we went half an hour without another bite.

At this point we went to one of the docks we like to fish. Once again, we had no action so this prompted Tania to suggest to run out the inlet and see what it’s like. With the NW wind and an outgoing tide the inlet was flat. We mad the run out the inlet and headed south. We went about a mile south and the water was absolutely beautiful.

We ended up going within 200 yards of shore and we could see the fish hitting the top of the water. Within seconds of Tania’s first cast she was hooked up. It was a nice size spanish mackerel. Within 10 minutes we had 10 spanish mackerel in the cooler and we had released several shorter ones. We spent another 30 minutes catching spanish mackerel.

Tania got tired of catching Spanish Mackerel and wanted to try and catch something different, so we headed north of the inlet were Gil caught the pompano the day before. Unfortunately, today there was not as much life as there was yesterday, it’s amazing the difference a day makes.

Since the seas were flat, we made a quick run to one of our shallow reefs to try our luck bottom fishing. Shortly after anchoring up Tania hooked up with something that was putting up a good fight. When we got it to the boat, we thought it might have been a cobia with the way it was splashing around and its size; however, it was not. It ended up being a spinner shark. I ended up catching a few short Crockers and a Spinner Shark myself.

After about 30 minutes with nothing to speak of we headed back south. We landed a few more spanish mackerel and then we decided to head back in. Once we go to the South Causeway Bridge we decided we would try to finish up our shrimp so we started drifting. We caught a few Catfish, four Sheepshead, and a Ladyfish.

About 12:30pm we decided to head in. We made it back to the dock around 12:45pm. We had 10 spanish mackerel and 2 Sheepsheads in the cooler. All in all, it was a great day on the water with my best friend!!

Tania and I pray all who make it out this weekend have a blessed and safe trip. My you have tight lines and good times.  

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