Bass Fishing: A Tale of Turtles and Gar

Tania was pretty exhausted after the past few days. We didn’t get home until after 9pm on Saturday from our trip. Because of this, I did not wake her up to go fishing on Sunday; I let her sleep in. When she got up, she got dressed to go fishing; however, the conditions were not the best. We had 10-15kt winds with a forecasted increase to 15-20kt winds so decided to do some bass fishing around Port Saint Lucie.

We arrived at the bait shop about 9:00am, unfortunately the first bait shop was out of shiners. I went to the next shop and they only had a dozen and a half, so I took what they had. Once we got the bait, we headed to Citrus Hammock Preserve.

We started fishing in the southeast corner and it didn’t take long for me to hook into a fish. Well, I thought it was a fish but, once I got it to shore, I realized it was a soft-shell turtle. Not what I was hoping for, but it was a catch! We didn’t fish here long as we didn’t have much bait and the turtles were thick. After we lost our second bait, a couple of guys walked up from the trail with rods/reels. I asked how they did and they told me they only caught one bass. That made up our minds to not continue fishing at this spot.

Since we only had a few baits, we ended up back at the spillway I caught the snook at last week. We went through our baits pretty quick. The Florida Gar were very thick. We could count at least 20, who knows how many we didn’t see. In the 30 minutes we fished this spot, I caught 2 gar and two bass, and Tania caught a few gar as well as a 20inch bass.

All in all, Tania had fun in our short trip. It’s nice having a fishing hole within a mile of my house. It’s a quick easy trip we can do even when we don’t have much time. Tania and I pray all who have made it out this week had a blessed and safe trip. May all who go out the rest of the week have tight lines and good times!

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