Hooked on Offshore Fishing: A Morning Adventure!

On Friday, the sun was barely up when I met up with my friend Jonathan at the dock. We’re both members of the Fort Pierce Freedom Boat Club, and we had planned to go fishing together. I had to be back by noon for a presentation, so I planned on taking him to the boils.

We arrived at the dock at 6:30 am and were fourth in line to get our boat. We chatted with the other boat owners and shared stories of our previous fishing trips while we waited. Finally, it was our turn to get our boat, and we wasted no time getting the boat loaded.

We headed out of the Fort Pierce City marina around 7:00 am. Our first stop was to pick up some Pilchards from Wardaddy baits. Once we had our bait, we made our way out of the inlet and headed south for the boils.

The water was a bit dirty, but it was flat, which made for smooth sailing. We arrived at the boils around 8:00 am, and we were ready to start fishing. I put a pilchard on the bottom and then I set Jonathan and I up with 30g vertical jigs tipped with shrimp.  It didn’t take long before we started reeling in some fish.

We caught lots of blue runners, a few ribbon fish, and a 12-inch lane snapper. We also had a few close calls with some sharks that managed to take off with some of our rigs. The bite was slow but steady all morning. Despite losing some gear we were happy we were catching fish.

As the morning went on, we kept fishing and enjoying the beautiful day on the water. However, I had to keep an eye on the time as I needed to be back at the dock by noon. We caught a few more fish and decided it was time to head back to shore.

We arrived back at the dock at 11:45 am, just in time for me to clean the fish and get ready for my presentation. Jonathan and I parted ways, both happy with the morning’s catch and the time we spent on the water.

Overall, my morning on the water with Jonathan was a great experience. We caught some fish, enjoyed some beautiful scenery, and had a chance to catch fish and share stories. Tania and I pray all who made it out of the weekend had a blessed and safe trip with tight lines and good times!

These are the jigs I use at the boils!

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  1. Anonymous

    Another great day of fishing . What was. Your targeted fish this day?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ReelBlessed

      I was hoping for either a slot snook or permit. Once I saw how dirty the water was I knew we wouldn’t get a permit though!


  2. Pkmundo

    👋 Bravo 👌
    Un cordial saludo 🌞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ReelBlessed

      Thank you

      Liked by 2 people

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