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  • Bonita Fish Dip!

    Bonita Fish Dip!

    So, I finally finished up my fish dip today. I was a little concerned with how red the Bonita was, however once smoked it tasted pretty good. I mixed in some fresh diced jalapeños I picked for the occasion, mixed 2 cups mayonnaise and sour cream, 4 tablespoons of pampered chief Fiesta seasoning and all…

  • Fishing for Fish Dip!

    Fishing for Fish Dip!

    My sister, Andrea, is flying into Orlando to visit this weekend with her husband. On Wednesday she asked me if I could make her some fish dip. I told her I would; however, I had no fish to make the dip. When Tania got home from work, she asked if I wanted to go fishing…

  • Jack Crevalle Fish Dip

    Jack Crevalle Fish Dip

    I have been told Jack Crevalle makes a good fish dip, so I decided to keep one and try it out. When I caught a decent size Jack, about 20 inches, I bleed it out and then put it in an ice slurry. I filleted it up and cut out the blood line and brought…